Many reasons can motivate you to put your house on the market for sale.  To profit from this transaction you will need a marketing strategy that will put your house ahead of the competition and that will allow you to sell no matter the economic situation.  Benoit understand the importance of reaching your goals and guarantee to give you regular updates throughout the selling process.   Benefit from a turnkey service that gives you access to a wide network of international buyers and real estate professionals.  Maximize your profits by trusting our accomplished brokerage team.

Our marketing strategy:

  • Home staging and renovation advices
  • Free market value appraisal
  • Professional HDR pictures (High Dynamic Range)
  • HD video presentation
  • Personalized advertising and marketing on more than 20 websites
  • Listing of your property on MLS and REALTOR.CA
  • Promotion of your real estate on social networks

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